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GT Awarded NSF Machine Learning Grant
Georgia Tech in the News

Assistant Professor Polo Chau from the School of Computational Science and Engineering leads the project.

Georgia Tech in the News

Michael Farrell, Ph.D. and chief strategist of the CIPHER Lab, became co-director of IISP, effective Sept. 1.

Intel SGX Research by Taesoo Kim
Georgia Tech in the News

Intel SGX is vulnerable to attack, according to Georgia Tech researchers, who discovered a new side-channel attack called branch shadowing.

Georgia Tech at USENIX 17
Georgia Tech in the News

Georgia Tech presented more discoveries than any other organization worldwide at USENIX Security '17.

Wenke Lee
Cybersecurity Commentary

Wenke Lee says it's time to worry less about keeping data private and instead focus on the next best technology for secure authentication.

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Academy of Legal Studies of Business
August 10, 2017
International Business Times
August 4, 2017

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