Partner with the Institute for Information Security & Privacy at Georgia Tech

Our vision is to integrate the brightest minds from academia, government and industry to aggressively solve threats and transfer innovate results into commercially deployable technologies. Our mission is to equip students and professionals to do this work in close collaboration with the immediate needs of government and industry -- realizing new discoveries, transferring results into commercially deployable technology, and solving the grand challenges of cybersecurity. Your partnership is essential.


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Cyber Seminar Series: $20,000

Weekly educational gathering for students, faculty and researchers at Georgia Tech campus

  • Exclusive, title sponsorship for 12 months
  • Logo recognition on all promotional materials & signage
  • Ability to present technical briefings at least twice per year
  • Speaking option at welcome/close of each event


Distinguished Lecture Series: $10,000

Twice annual lecture to Georgia Tech and Atlanta community

  • Exclusive, title sponsorship for 12 months
  • Logo recognition on all promotional materials & signage
  • Logo recognition on award of appreciation to distinguished, visiting speaker
  • Technical Presentation opportunity at each event


Demo Day: $10,000

Twice annual showcase of Georgia Tech student research

  • Receive private, first look at research in development for commercialization
  • Judge the latest student research, provide public critique of projects
  • Be acknowledged as judge and patron in promotional materials
  • Assist with engaging and mentoring students outside of the event


Advisory Board Member: $10,000

Participate as an advisory member to help inform research directions based upon emerging industry needs

  • Appointment of an individual from your organization, who is knowledgeable about information security and privacy matters, to influence research or educational programs;
  • Ability to help develop and sponsor collaborative research projects that explore common problems of interest to member organizations, structured to allow the contributing member access to resulting intellectual property;
  • Direct engagement with Georgia Tech faculty via educational presentations by our experts at your organization;
  • Direct access to Georgia Tech’s top students from our degree programs, including the Master of Science in Information Security, via our assistance through referrals and group sessions;
  • Direct access to leading technologists visiting Georgia Tech via VIP invitations to lecture series and special events;
  • Ability to participate in and benefit from media opportunities, such as the annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit and Emerging Cyber Threats, Trends & Technologies Report, which may be covered widely by national and local news outlets.