What is the Institute for Information Security & Privacy?

The Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech connects government, industry, and academia to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity. As a coordinating body for nine information security labs dedicated to academic and solution-oriented applied research, the IISP leverages intellectual capital from across Georgia Tech and its external partners to address vital solutions for national security, economic continuity, and individual safety. The IISP provides a gateway to faculty, students, and scientists and a central location for national and international collaboration. Unbound by system rigidity or over-inflated egos, we’re discovering new solutions that close the innovation gap with immediate application in the real world.

Initial Research Areas


How should the private sector use personal information? Should the government be able to access communication in transit or at rest?

Consumer-Facing Privacy

How can consumers securely interact with technology? What are the best practices?


How can we definitively know who is responsible for a cyber breach? What can be done when we cannot attribute the breach?


How do we quantify & assess in real time? Who do we watch? What do we look for?


How should people, machines, and networks establish trust in reliable ways? How does the trust relationship change over time?

Cyber Physical Systems

What inputs and outputs should be part of the most fortified embedded and physical systems?

Education Highlights
Industry Engagement
Threat Reports


The annual Emerging Cyber Threats Report by Georgia Tech shares insight from experts in the IT security industry, government and academia. Issued each Fall.
Save the date for the 2016 Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit on Sept. 28, 2016.